The Caribbean Sail V1.6.5

Two years ago to this day, the first version of The Caribbean Sail was made.

This patch is like the first version of the game. Though not feature rich, it’s still important.
You know what that means...

You're on the edge of your seat,
to see what's new and complete;
Some exploits were removed,
and the grammar improved.
Click the new JR cause it's sweet!

The Caribbean Sail V1.6.4

As we near the end of the year, I'm beginning to create a list of the most important and requested features and implement them before I start working on the Fantasy Toggle expansion.

If you thought naming your crew "The Food Supply" or "Nobody important" was funny, you're going to love naming your ship things like "The Dingy Dinghy" or "Your Spirits" or anything else you can think of!

Speaking of names, were your crew unfortunate enough to have the same name? They'll now be assigned some roman numerals to differentiate each other. This uncoincidentally also fixes the duplicate name invincibility bug.

A common request for keyboard shortcuts has been met. On the sailing screen you can press "F" to fish or "I" to quickly access the inventory or "enter" to leave the logbook. There are some more keyboard commands for port and sailing but the game still isn't fully keyboard navigable.

Finally, Iceland is now cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

Make sure to wear your oilskins as winter approaches!

The Caribbean Sail V1.6.3

It's certainly been awhile since the last content patch but we're back on course.

The world no longer contains eleven identical pubs around the world because some interior decoraters came in and spruced up all the taverns.

Your logbook journal is also more than a single page to write on, now it's 99 pages to write on! You can keep record of your adventure, manually track your quests, create a lot of profane ASCII artwork or whatever else your heart desires.

I know this isn't a huge content update but my attention is divided. There are plenty of suggestions and requests that I'll go through and prioritize but the final feature to complete the original Route Planning checklist is varying the Liars Dice AI around the world.

After those patches I'll hopefully begin work on the free Fantasy Toggle expansion!

The Caribbean Sail V1.6.2

The pirates got their ship together- their Junk ship that is. You'll now encounter Junk ships of the piratical variety near Shanghai. Corsairs have become more common in the Indian Ocean but getting back to the patch notes; there's a higher chance you'll find Corsair ships while sailing around Cape Town or Calicut because they all want a piece of that booty pirate treasure.

Oh, and about those ships- they now all scale HP a little with your cannon upgrades to make the upgrades less like tactical airstrikes and more like cannonballs again. All of the boss ships also saw some tweaking, but they're recovering quickly.

Finally, apart from all the bugs that keep boarding my game despite being thrown overboard every couple weeks having been thrown overboard again; there's a new sound effect that plays when something is out of your price range- which won't help the deaf very much but they usually have more money since they don't blow it all on shanties.

Mind a short break in the updates as I try to catch up on sleep, it's been nearly two years since I've taken some time to rest.

I'll be up to my nautical shenanigans again soon enough.

The Route Planning expansion: Complete

The massive Route Planning expansion is finally complete and has been added for FREE

After four months of blood, sweat, soylent, and sleep deprived tears; I've completed the first free expansion for The Caribbean Sail.

Feature Log

In all that time I was able to add more particle effects! ...and nine new locations, seven new player ships, four new professions, nine new achievements, twenty two new shanties*, two emergent storylines, new items, new fishes, new weather effects, new enemy types, new events, ship upgrades, a skill tree, profiles, preaching, resting, careening, barnacles, narwhals, the drydock, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker**, mexican standoff style mutinies- AND THE QUEEN HERSELF!!!

* See the Shanty Off.
** The candlestick maker died of dysentery.

Locations Overview

The world is now open for exploration. Each new location features a unique song, new artwork, trade values, locals to converse with, and surprises along the voyage to them! Travel the globe and visit them all!

  • London, Britain
  • Ponta Delgada, Azores
  • Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Long Island, New York
  • Belém, South America
  • Kozhikode, India
  • Shanghai, China
  • Nassau, Bahamas

Emergent Storylines

Survive a voyage to Nassau and become a Pirate that does as he pleases or become a Privateer for the Royal Navy and receive a letter of marque to hunt those filthy pirate scallywags. Both offer the freedom to go where you want and do as you please but give larger overall goals to work towards that reward you!


Nautical Oregon Trail free roam- what was I thinking? I still don't entirely know, but I hope you enjoy it as much as I love sharing the rich history, fantasy, and culture of all things nautical. There's so much new content that you'll just have to dive in to find it all. Happy Voyages!

- Captain and Developer, Evan

The Caribbean Sail V1.5.8.5

This is it lads!

These are the final touches and last patch until the major Route Planning expansion is complete.

+ Goods aboard ships now have a small delta of randomness in pricing
+ The British Grenadiers shanty got a bass drop
+ A new crew event that can end in flogging
+ More Particle Effects

- One potential bug

There was a bit more code cleanup but this log is already dry and boring enough. My attention is now on a slew of needed changes to the game structure that will make the new features possible. Thanks be to every one of you kind lads that alert me to bugs, suggest improvements, and populate the Atlantic with toxins- I mean, messages in bottles.

- Your Captain, Evan


Sing a tow, row, row, row, row, row, row, row, for the British Grenadiers. Enjoy the new "Shanty" available in the one and only London Harbor Shop. 

Where's V1.5.8.3 I hear you ask? I flogged it to death after it failed to fix a bug. What about the bug? I flogged it to death also- actually, I've been doing a lot of flogging on account of the new discipline system added to the game. There's only one event that makes use of it now but later crew relations and discipline will be integral to each voyage.

The captains have decided that they would make a better profit selling items at sea than only in ports, so two items and a shanty will always be available aboard ships now! 

Fish are a bit more lively after being caught in the net, another achievement was added, the online bug is finally fixed (I'm 80% sure this time) and there are more particle effects!

If all has gone according to plan then this will be the last update to the game before Route Planning. I'll share the full details early February.


Small update that should have been there for a while now.

One time tutorial windows have been added for things that some people have missed. This should help make people better shoppers, liars dice players, naval combatants, and solve all the problems in the world.

The last update frustratingly did not fix the one bug in the game, I changed a line of code that will either cause more crashes, fix the bug forever, or do absolutely nothing.

The Caribbean Sail V1.5.8.1

Habits must be hard to break because here we are, one week after weekly updates ended and i'm pushing an update. This should hopefully resolve the game crashing bug a few of you have encountered.

The short version: Rarely some data would fail to be retrieved or decoded from one of the online features and it would cause a crash.


Apart from that you can also catch clams in your net near reefs and a small bug where people would only encounter one type of ship was resolved. 

Glad to see so many new sailors! The bottle messages have been swarming the ocean and I'll need to work on a new way of collecting bottles to show players, until then- you'll probably see bottles only near the start.