The Caribbean Sail V1.6.8

Here we are lads! These are the final touches before I begin work on the Fantasy Toggle expansion.

Normally I spice up the patch notes with humor or poetry but if I tried to do that with this update log, it would be a full novel. I wasn't expecting this patch to be the size of a bloated whale and take an Atlantic crossing's worth of time to complete.

These are the new features!
+ New voyage preparation screen
+ Tutorial reset button
+ Helpful starters guide with tips
+ Pub design overhaul
+ Pub shop to buy rum
+ Rum barrel item to improve morale
+ Drunken screen and music distortion effects
+ Nation relation
+ Button in pub to view your relations
+ Very good or very poor relations determine whether or not you'll be welcomed or attacked when approaching ships
+ Worst possible relations with the pirates will cause pirate ships with red flags to spawn
+ Red flag item
+ Opportunity button in pub
+ Three opportunities (for now) and a lot of "none available" fluff text
+ Barnacles
++ Wait barnacles? 
+ Pray button for the Missionary
+ Compass item to avoid storms
+ Tool prompts while sailing for the sextant and compass
+ Ability to sell items in port from inventory tab
+ Unique captain sprites for each faction
+ Staying anchored while sailing eventually cures seasickness
+ Whaling is slightly easier and the dead whale spawn rate is lower
+ An immaculate flute song available on only one day of the year
+ Right clicking "FIRE" or pressing "B" in combat will fire all loaded cannons
+ Rain puts out fires started by greased shot
+ Drowsy Maggie shanty available in port. It might be my new favorite
+ Letter of marque description changed to clarify its purpose
+ Bug fixes. Many bug fixes.
+ Particle effects
+ Particle bubbles
+ Particle bubble popping
+ Popped bubble particle effects
+ Probably more that I can't even remember

Be on the lookout for bugs as you enjoy the new content and let me know if you encounter anything I need to make a silent V1.6.9 patch to resolve before I back everything up and begin creating Fantasy Toggle.

What's next?
I'm going to (try to) bring TCS to Discord! It's an opportunity to spread the piratey gospel even further. We'll need a verified server which means building from scratch. If you want to know the deepest community lore then grab a potato and climb aboard the official Victorian Clambake Discord server.

As always, thank you for the support!
- Your Captain, Evan

The Caribbean Sail V1.6.7

Sometimes you get hooked on a passion project and can't stop yourself

You know that whale you always see? Yeah, that one. You can finally catch him.

Next time you see the whale flaunting his fluke and spewing his spume "Go Fishing" and you'll spot that beautiful blowhole bobbing in the bay.

After attaching your harpoon to him, a new mini-game will trigger. All you have to do is click when the white line is over the red line. If you mess up too many times you'll never see him or your precious harpoon again.

I intended to work on other things this week but once I got started I simply couldn't quit. Making a (comparatively) huge new animated asset, new song, and new mini-game, took quite awhile. Whaling has been requested frequently enough to hopefully make the effort worthwhile.

Apart from whaling, a game crashing bug was fixed... and oh so very many new glorious particle effects.

The Caribbean Sail V1.6.6

I took off my eye patch and my full attention is back on development.

I've been doing some much needed cleanup within the assets in preparation for work on the expansion. You'd never believe how many cobweb.png and dust.gml files I had to clean off after spending a few months out of the deep resource code...

Combat has been re-balanced again. I had to plead with each nation to agree on tracking damage down to the decimal so upgrades would scale properly. They agreed on one condition; their ships begin with slightly more health.

A quiet death on land in a warm bed with full belly was never meant for a true sailor! If you're not hungry, you're not dying while resting anymore. Now get back on the Ocean- there are sharks that need to eat!

Some of you have noticed that "Me PiRaTeY gRaMmARGH" isn't quite what it should be. With the help of one Sam Willett, nearly all of the text has now been proofread and corrected. Buy him a round if you ever meet him!

To help guide new players, I made the location halo for Nassau yellow on the map until you make port there once.

The Jolly Riot promo icon was changed to a pair of cutlasses.

A few bugs nobody found were thrown overboard and replaced with particle effects.

Next week will be a feature update!

The Caribbean Sail V1.6.5

Two years ago to this day, the first version of The Caribbean Sail was made.

This patch is like the first version of the game. Though not feature rich, it’s still important.
You know what that means...

You're on the edge of your seat,
to see what's new and complete;
Some exploits were removed,
and the grammar improved.
Click the new JR cause it's sweet!

The Caribbean Sail V1.6.4

As we near the end of the year, I'm beginning to create a list of the most important and requested features and implement them before I start working on the Fantasy Toggle expansion.

If you thought naming your crew "The Food Supply" or "Nobody important" was funny, you're going to love naming your ship things like "The Dingy Dinghy" or "Your Spirits" or anything else you can think of!

Speaking of names, were your crew unfortunate enough to have the same name? They'll now be assigned some roman numerals to differentiate each other. This uncoincidentally also fixes the duplicate name invincibility bug.

A common request for keyboard shortcuts has been met. On the sailing screen you can press "F" to fish or "I" to quickly access the inventory or "enter" to leave the logbook. There are some more keyboard commands for port and sailing but the game still isn't fully keyboard navigable.

Finally, Iceland is now cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

Make sure to wear your oilskins as winter approaches!

The Caribbean Sail V1.6.3

It's certainly been awhile since the last content patch but we're back on course.

The world no longer contains eleven identical pubs around the world because some interior decoraters came in and spruced up all the taverns.

Your logbook journal is also more than a single page to write on, now it's 99 pages to write on! You can keep record of your adventure, manually track your quests, create a lot of profane ASCII artwork or whatever else your heart desires.

I know this isn't a huge content update but my attention is divided. There are plenty of suggestions and requests that I'll go through and prioritize but the final feature to complete the original Route Planning checklist is varying the Liars Dice AI around the world.

After those patches I'll hopefully begin work on the free Fantasy Toggle expansion!

The Caribbean Sail V1.6.2

The pirates got their ship together- their Junk ship that is. You'll now encounter Junk ships of the piratical variety near Shanghai. Corsairs have become more common in the Indian Ocean but getting back to the patch notes; there's a higher chance you'll find Corsair ships while sailing around Cape Town or Calicut because they all want a piece of that booty pirate treasure.

Oh, and about those ships- they now all scale HP a little with your cannon upgrades to make the upgrades less like tactical airstrikes and more like cannonballs again. All of the boss ships also saw some tweaking, but they're recovering quickly.

Finally, apart from all the bugs that keep boarding my game despite being thrown overboard every couple weeks having been thrown overboard again; there's a new sound effect that plays when something is out of your price range- which won't help the deaf very much but they usually have more money since they don't blow it all on shanties.

Mind a short break in the updates as I try to catch up on sleep, it's been nearly two years since I've taken some time to rest.

I'll be up to my nautical shenanigans again soon enough.