About Victorian Clambake

Victorian Clambake. A developing and publishing name to bring together a community of people who love games, sailing and all things nautical. It allows me to create a brand and has the potential to grow beyond a one man team. It's still adapting and changing as I gain experience.

The Caribbean Sail. The first game released by Victorian Clambake to get experience in releasing and marketing a game and to start building a community.

The Future. More projects are planned after The Caribbean Sail development cycle has been completed.

The Industry.  Video games are an interactive art form, a way to not only show you an experience but to give you one. Many people still see video games as either a waste of time or nothing more than a product to earn money, but with any art form- If you're not passionate about it then you don't belong in it. I've seen far too many empty promises and cynical attempts to replicate the success of another game through nearly exact reproduction. Technology and games are extremely advanced but young, the culture surrounding them changes rapidly and every person willing to stand up for games will make an impact on their future. No matter how big or small my name may be I'd like to set an example of what developers should be doing.

Working hard for what they love.

-There isn't much more to say yet, Victorian Clambake is still young and there's a lot more work ahead of me.
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About the Captain

Ahoy! I'm Evan. An independent game developer.

May, 2015 When I was sixteen, I began working on a project with an unrealistic scope that would be filled with original ideas I'd never seen in a game. A large portion of the framework was completed by 2017. It's an extremely ambitious project that I now realize will need to have large portions taken off the design board or cut from it. For now it has been postponed until I finish developing The Caribbean Sail.

January, 2017 I set a goal to finally take my first project public. I decided to make a smaller game just to test features like saving and screen formatting before implementing them into my main project. That smaller game was The Caribbean Sail. I always thought it would be fun to play a nautical version of the Oregon Trail so I decided to make a very small game and test those features in it. Two weeks later, the original version of The Caribbean Sail was completed. After showing it to my friends they said I should sell it publicly and learn about releasing and marketing a game.  

September 19th, 2017 marked the Steam release of The Caribbean Sail to a small but eager crowd. I learned more than ever about the game industry as I marketed and pushed weekly content updates for the next five months before beginning work on a massive free expansion; Route Planning.

June, 2018 was the month I finally released the Route Planning expansion and the five months prior were spent working  10-16 hours a day learning, working on the expansion, managing my community, and marketing it all.
I spent the first month living on Soylent instead of cooking or going out so I could stay on a tight schedule and get more done. Going to sleep at 5 AM became the normal.
Somehow this was all still less stressful than trying to get through Steam Greenlight.

Right now I'm working very hard to get my foot into the door of a flooded and competitive industry to make quality content, learn, and gain experience. I want to make this my life so I can focus on what I love doing; creating and giving people memorable new experiences.