The Caribbean Sail V1.6.6

I took off my eye patch and my full attention is back on development.

I've been doing some much needed cleanup within the assets in preparation for work on the expansion. You'd never believe how many cobweb.png and dust.gml files I had to clean off after spending a few months out of the deep resource code...

Combat has been re-balanced again. I had to plead with each nation to agree on tracking damage down to the decimal so upgrades would scale properly. They agreed on one condition; their ships begin with slightly more health.

A quiet death on land in a warm bed with full belly was never meant for a true sailor! If you're not hungry, you're not dying while resting anymore. Now get back on the Ocean- there are sharks that need to eat!

Some of you have noticed that "Me PiRaTeY gRaMmARGH" isn't quite what it should be. With the help of one Sam Willett, nearly all of the text has now been proofread and corrected. Buy him a round if you ever meet him!

To help guide new players, I made the location halo for Nassau yellow on the map until you make port there once.

The Jolly Riot promo icon was changed to a pair of cutlasses.

A few bugs nobody found were thrown overboard and replaced with particle effects.

Next week will be a feature update!