The Caribbean Sail V1.6.7

Sometimes you get hooked on a passion project and can't stop yourself

You know that whale you always see? Yeah, that one. You can finally catch him.

Next time you see the whale flaunting his fluke and spewing his spume "Go Fishing" and you'll spot that beautiful blowhole bobbing in the bay.

After attaching your harpoon to him, a new mini-game will trigger. All you have to do is click when the white line is over the red line. If you mess up too many times you'll never see him or your precious harpoon again.

I intended to work on other things this week but once I got started I simply couldn't quit. Making a (comparatively) huge new animated asset, new song, and new mini-game, took quite awhile. Whaling has been requested frequently enough to hopefully make the effort worthwhile.

Apart from whaling, a game crashing bug was fixed... and oh so very many new glorious particle effects.