Sing a tow, row, row, row, row, row, row, row, for the British Grenadiers. Enjoy the new "Shanty" available in the one and only London Harbor Shop. 

Where's V1.5.8.3 I hear you ask? I flogged it to death after it failed to fix a bug. What about the bug? I flogged it to death also- actually, I've been doing a lot of flogging on account of the new discipline system added to the game. There's only one event that makes use of it now but later crew relations and discipline will be integral to each voyage.

The captains have decided that they would make a better profit selling items at sea than only in ports, so two items and a shanty will always be available aboard ships now! 

Fish are a bit more lively after being caught in the net, another achievement was added, the online bug is finally fixed (I'm 80% sure this time) and there are more particle effects!

If all has gone according to plan then this will be the last update to the game before Route Planning. I'll share the full details early February.