The Caribbean Sail V1.4

Feast your eyes on this massive update as I continue preparing for the Steam release now planned for September 19th.

If you felt like "Experience" wasn't rewarding enough before, there's a new unlock screen with at least 1000% more particles. A glorious new ship has been added: The Clipper - That's right, the fastest type of ship in the 1800's is now in your hands to wreck on the new reef changes. Hull damage is now persistent throughout each playthrough and there have been many minor tweaks to the spawn rates of everything from turtles to typhus. French ships can now be encountered along with another surprise event. A cannon reloading bar was added to combat. The main menu was overhauled with a new header, footer, reactive music... and a small secret. The music of the sea has found it's way into the fishing minigame along with new sound effects, bug fixes, and particle effects.