The Caribbean Sail V1.3.8

The Caribbean Sail was Greenlit on Steam which has allowed my efforts to be focused on development again!

An entire Galleons worth of updates have been added starting with the game now running at 60FPS! That's twice the amount of frames! Screen formatting has been overhauled again, no more black bars on the intro! New softer sound effects for the menu buttons and other new sounds to grace your ears. A local leaderboard has been added so you can now keep track of your own high scores and compete with yourself. Reefs now show up before encountering them and there are new sinking effects! I asked the Navy very politely to no longer fire first when attacked and they agreed, but little do they know my plans for more combat changes and upgrades. Hundreds of bugs were fixed and some code cleanup i've done should allow for faster more versatile update cycles. Finally, I couldn't hold myself back... an update this big called for something special, there are now THREE times as many particle effects!

The download directory for the launcher has changed to support larger files. If your current launcher has any problems, throw a message in a bottle to

Footnote: Updates may be more infrequent as I work on large content patches and plan for release on Steam.