The Caribbean Sail V1.5.2

I've been building a lot of content for the expansions in the background while working on these updates and soon the time will come when weekly updates stop and I begin working on the "Route Planning" expansion. I'll share more details soon!

The first i'll let you all decide on keeping: I changed the Hunger status to read "Hunger 30/30" from "Hunger 30" to clarify what your maximum hunger is.

Making use of those new flags? Fantastic! Now you can go and fool the new Spanish ships I added to the game or just sink them because of the war and all that... New artwork has been added for the Captains cabin and you can now play Liars Dice with English Captains! Tired of all the leaking? Purchase a bucket of Pitch and Tar from the Shop for just four easy payments £9.99! Fling it against the wall to repair a few points of damage- sorta like I do with these updates! The pause key will also pause your adventure now, and dice have a simple animation when lost to better display when a round is lost/won, and you guessed it- MORE PARTICLE EFFECTS!

The feedback has been great and I've paid close attention to all your ideas and requests! I started a forum thread where I can reply to them all in the community hub. On to the updates!