The Caribbean Sail V1.4.9

Sorry to string you along another day. I was at the end of my rope last week while caught up in making a net. The tensions are still high as I haul in another line of updates.

There's now an inventory system! I built it from the ground up the past couple weeks along with these items available from the first shop only:

  • The Trawling Net - Physics enabled and perfect for catching fish with minimal effort.
  • The Spyglass - More of a placeholder for a later update but you can stare at the water in a whole new way! You can also see the whale and land I guess but that's nowhere near as cools as the water.
  • Fishing Bait - Toss it into the water to summon the hordes! Here's a tip for those of you who persevere through my loquacious updates: If you see little dark fish swimming in the ocean, go fishing when they're below your ship for a special event- use fishing bait when above them to catch enough fish to sink a Sloop.
  • Barrel of Apples - If your crew is dying of scurvy it's probably too late- you should have thrown an apple at their head when you had the chance.
  • Shanties! - This may be the most important update of all: TWO NEW SONGS HAVE BEEN ADDED SO WE NO LONGER MUST LISTEN TO "DRUNKEN SAILOR" ON LOOP UNTIL WE DIE.

 There are more items planned and half finished but I didn't want to postpone the update another week and I needed some feedback on it, so have some patience and expect more great things!

I keep saying things like "Calmed down" and "Taking some rest" but considering how hard i'm still working, I somehow started to believe that working for 12 hours a day is rest- compared to 19 hours though, I suppose it is.