Shanty Off - Entrant Terms and Agreements

By submitting an entry to you acknowledge and accept the following terms and agreements.

Shanty: Your contest entry
VC: Victorian Clambake and developer of the Caribbean Sail

1) You grant permission to VC to implement or remove your shanty in The Caribbean Sail game or marketing material without notice.

2) You agree that your shanty may be added to a soundtrack and sold without notice and agree that you will receive no payment or revenue share for any sales incurred by the soundtrack. Unless: you request to have your Shanty omitted from the soundtrack at any time before it is completed.  

3) You agree that you will not take legal action against VC for the use of modification of your shanty.

4) You retain the right to share your shanty however you like but do not permit ownership of your shanty to anyone other than yourself or VC.