[Early in development]

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Wanna play a fighting game that isn’t a chore to learn? We do too.

Our goal is to design unique and easy to learn mechanics that reward you for playing skillfully.

We'll make the controls feel natural instead of asking you to memorize complex button combinations before you're allowed to really play.

Each character will have a unique fighting style so you can find one that suits you.

Singleplayer will pit you against a variety of enemies in a spectacle fighter style campaign.

We hope you'll join us on our development journey!


Long ago, the Isle of Vilehaven was a piratical paradise. Until the monstrous Kraken took the island by force with an army of squishy cephalopod soldiers. The beast now rules Vilehaven with an iron tentacle.

With nothing left to lose, the hot headed Captain Cutter sets sail on a quest to gather the ultimate crew. Under his leadership, they hope to reclaim the filthy, inky rock that they once called home...


Here's what's planned

  • Nine beautifully animated original characters

  • Nine unique stages

  • One killer Kraken

  • Squids galore

  • Strong singleplayer campaign

  • Competitive local multiplayer

  • More ink than you think