Developer: Victorian Clambake

Initial Release Date: March 23, 2017

Steam Release Date: September 19, 2017

Platforms: Itch.io, Gamejolt, and Steam

Operating Systems: Windows 7 and up everywhere, Mac and Linux support on Steam.

Regular Price: $4.99     

Contact Email:  ContactClambake@gmail.com

Social: twitter, youtube

The Developer: Evan Massie - A game developer, nautical enthusiast, pianist, writer, artist, animator, programmer, designer, gamer, composer, and computer technician.


An 8-bit adventure about sailing the Atlantic in the 1700's - inspired by The Oregon Trail. There are 6 different ships with speeds matching their real life counterparts. It has arcade style minigames and an 8-bit soundtrack of traditional naval tunes to accompany you on your perilous voyage. You will face storms, pirates, diseases and the realization that sailing can be a very dangerous and tedious job with little to no pay or reward.


Originally The Caribbean Sail was just a simple construct to test out some basic system functions for a much bigger project, later I decided to release it to get experience marketing and releasing a game properly. The game was almost entirely made from the ground up in two weeks and since going public much more content has been added often.

Main Features

  • Planning and preparing for the voyage
  • A litany of diseases and events
  • Real time naval combat
  • Harpoon fishing to replenish supplies
  • Fully functioning liars dice against AI
  • Online messages in bottles
  • Online leaderboards

Planned Features

  • Route Planning - New locations to visit on your voyage
  • Fantasy Toggle - Sea monsters, Myths and Mystery


Launch Trailer



Cover Art