Self-Publisher: Victorian Clambake

Initial Release Date: March 23, 2017

Steam Release Date: September 19, 2017
Route Planning Expansion Update: June 8, 2018

Platforms: Itch.io, Gamejolt, and Steam

Operating Systems: Windows 7 and up everywhere, Mac and Linux support on Steam.

Regular Price: $11.99     

Contact Email:  ContactClambake@gmail.com

Social: twitter, youtube

The Developer: Evan - A game developer, nautical enthusiast, pianist, writer, artist, animator, programmer, designer, gamer, composer, and computer technician.


A dark and humorous 8-bit adventure about sailing in the 1700's.
Name your crew, choose your career, then purchase a ship and supplies.
Set sail from London England to the destination of your choice. 
Follow an emergent storyline by becoming a pirate or privateer.
Fight to survive an onslaught of storms, reefs, diseases, mutiny, starvation, warships, and the realization that sailing was a very dangerous and tedious job.


Originally The Caribbean Sail was a simple framework to test out some basic system functions for a much bigger project. I decided to release it on Steam for experience marketing and releasing a game. 
Version 1.0 was completed in two weeks and after being taken public
saw weekly content patches and updates for 10 months.
Then work began on the first massive expansion "Route Planning" which was completed in 5 months and released for free.

During the development of Route Planning, a Shanty Off was hosted where the best submissions would be added to the game.

Main Features

  • Planning and preparing for the voyage

  • An 8-bit soundtrack of traditional shanties and naval tunes

  • Traditional Liar's Dice

  • Ship and character upgrades

  • Real time naval combat

  • Harpoon fishing to replenish supplies

  • Online messages in bottles

  • Facing real dangers of sailing in the 1700s

  • Disciplining your crew with floggings

  • Changing your flag to fool the enemy

  • An open ended single objective pirate storyline

  • A guided pirate hunting privateer storyline

Planned Expansions

  • Fantasy Toggle - Sea monsters, Myths and Mystery

  • [Complete] Route Planning - Opening the world for exploration


Post Route Planning Trailer - [Most Recent Trailer]



Route Planning Artwork

Dark background friendly

Light background friendly

Cover Art