Steampunk Pirates Development


[ • ] [. *] [.•*] [: :] [:•:] [:::]


Twins storyline


A battle for Thieveston that you can side with the pirates or Noxmoor on


A ruined and smoldering Thieveston with only one survivor


I'm trying to find a way this doesn't end with me on a rope.


Writing down things in journal


Break a valuable object every year to remind ourselves the past cannot be changed 


The consortium hangs your friends and people you may or may not have met


Markets open and close daily and change during the week or close on weekend


A power or item that enables you to see all kinds of things that weren't there before


Rowboat in ocean and you have a harpoon for survival while a shark or something sneaks up to attack you




Dancing to stay undercover at a ball


Consider a need to rest


Journal page to write anything


Bullshit fees and ship registration and laws that keep getting passed that make it very hard to have a legal shipping business... the pirates ask "From all they've done what choice did we have?"


Ragdoll physics hiding bodies loading wheel fall out of wardrobe


Objects of symbolism for intelligence, wisdom, competence, intellectual-etc


27 didn't mind, the bodies are buried where no one will hear them scream, some holes weren't meant to be closed


If you kill a lot the Assassins find you


Hail storm easteregg "She can't resist me piratey charms"


Some kind of creepy guy that watches people and claims great power but he's really pretentious and an old man that comes along and just belittles and tears him apart


Cursed mask removes luck points


Luck points dictate contests and drawings


Consider a global "fear/renown" variable


Undertaker is wise


Expeditions should be about a group of controllable/set able state crew with specific abilities following you into extremely dangerous places and situations- sometime your crew see things the player can't and sometimes they are caught and you find their body parts later while exploring


Bullet consumption moment


Breath holding contest (maybe a trainer) and when you come back one of them is doing "really well!"


Beware the consortium they'll take all you own, and leave you with nothing as they rise to the throne


Diving logistics


Sailing logistics


Depth king gives Percy a device that sucks the souls of the dead to him


Woman with falcon from your dream


9 haircuts that all look the same but have different names and costs with a code value that a couple NPC's remark on


Some vague hard to reach ending that requires many of the quest items that had no explanation that results in a final leap into a dark pit or something where Percy is vaporized and  when asked why you made it say it told you to. Jumping in with a full set of crystal bones and a powerful soul does something more- Magnetic north option 


Buying or earning your flag


Character who shines things to make them sparkle


Accordian bellows


An island sickness your crew can die from if they spend too long near it


Sealed message


Try to make a slope rope bridge over a waterfall


What's to stop Noxmoor from taking Thieveston (had another name


A gagged man hung without explanation who was an "enemy" of Noxmoor if you seek out his background but it's only vaguely related


Asked before hanging if you want to confess your crimes


Sir reginald pike devant esquire complaining about the un needed gears


Piano notes progress a chord as you're seen?


Someone who complains about little things generalized to groups and how things used to be better


Trimmed hedge shapes


Something large and living in the mine


One of the first things you encounter is a captain hiring people to board his ship and you have to wait in a line and answer some questions, if you say your name is (full name) he just calls you John


Cats that jump acroos rooftops


(Movedown) Ticking watch title card?


Guards or traps or goals that have a chance to be somewhere but there's a note to confirm


Percy winding pocket watch


Posh metal elevator (DS2) suspended 


Talking someone down at dawn in a belfry 


Depth Lord only gets souls of people who die underwater, the water encapsulates the soul. 


You can capture pirates from a ship and give them to Noxmoor for a bounty per head, or you can capture Noxmoorians and give them to the pirates so the pirates can ransom them


Consider donating to the pirates to improve Thieveston 


There is an escape sequence but it's nearly impossible without outside help and some powers and luck


If you find "the antagonist" and kill him you can dig out his skull, it's crystal


Percy has a crystal skull that prevents him from death unless it is removed disconnected from his spine


The depth king can't kill Percy because of the mark, but his soul can be taken. You can buy back your soul and maybe purchase some odd items (like a crystal skull) for souls. Or just donate the souls. There is a large glass balloon that the depth king plans to fill with souls and use to fly out of the water. (Maybe this is how he finds a new depth king, maybe it's how he delivers the souls, maybe he makes multiple trips, maybe he just becomes a pirate)


Souls can be processed into higher valued skulls(souls?) in cadaverous cove somewhere.


Crystal skulls must be pounded into powder before Percy can use one, and he can only use one at a time.


An area shows a guy dragging someone by the leg screaming and fighting clawing at the ground onto a ledge or into a room


Underwater cactus


Favor spending system with powerful people; I need a favor


WRITE ELSEWHERE: making a local festival requires a main tradition (something only the locals do that's taken seriously but "cute" to see outsiders participate) secondary activities mainly for pumping money from tourists, a single long running competition or event. A local food that they are known for. Decorations that reflect that culture


Make a peanut vendor and rival shave ice vendor


Midnight council


Torture in propeller factory, if you cut them up the paper reports the blood and body, or you are reported for torture if you spare them so you might be able to kill and hide the body (burying feature?)


Daily debt crew divided by debt removed on room end if not paid


Crew risk variable for boarding and crew training


Hire an intelligent monkey?


After helping a lady with a few missions she poisons you with a sleeping agent and turns you to the soldiers but if you find out about this you can kill her or swap glasses or something


Combat music - Frantic




If you collect 20 clams you can have a clambake... It does something


A short music sting before the lever is pulled then a screech followed by silence and a bell ring


A snobby asshole aristocrat with a fancy house who doesn't care how many people die to keep his fans working


Show places in the background you may visit some day


A slow man with a cane who makes you help him and gets angry if you try to pass him or leave him


Achievement- scum of the earth break every law


Something big that clearly follows you


Pirate trainer that teaches burning crew for fuel and pressganging


Light gray mild gray wood frame single x top windows lighthouse


Monkeys that throw so many coconuts that you can't pass them without throwing a bottle to distract them


Getting hit with a sleep dart and ending up in a tribal cage where your crew get eaten


Keep a tally of how many times Percy makes the headlines, he may run into a fan club or get called out on it by the debtors 


People marveling at a floating block


Poison cloud fills room if trap is set off


Jumps you need a speed boost to get across


A very dark place with a long creepy cave walk that leads to an underground area with some unique quests and people


Secrets and systems in things you pass every day


Some people admiring something amazing through a telescope that is just behind the clock so you can't see it, make sure they know it's behind the clock and not offscreen


Secret council that meets to discuss what should be done about Noxmoor if anything, the members all wear masks and hoods but you can find a couple of the members outfits


To ward off the sweet pangs of death


Fellow Who explains the eyepatch when you ask him why he wears it


Cave gets deeper later and a fossil is found in coal, a dubious archeologist wants a bone from it and you have to purchase or distract then steal it


Twisted tree vine arch to area with special flower (quest item)


Some secret messages from your gangs will be sent to you via bird flying to you or dropping something or sitting on a bird perch


Upper area of Thieveston above the street rabble only accessible via bridge and clever bribes- all of thieveston should be a messy network of ropes wood and bridges- very vertical  maybe draw some concept art


The handkerchief squad hides something in the newspaper


Noxmoor Enforcers?


All ships come equipped with one rowboat and you can buy the diving suit from a dude with it in a crate and he'll repair then give it to you


Slap a skull on a barrel


Hollow floor noise for hiding


Sent to party mansion to kill someone, steal something, or "persuasive" 


Locked in overnight if you take too long on a robbery


A guard that kicks the door down and shoots


20 cases of cargo somewhere sitting in a port, decent price to ship them no questions asked


Area diving, reach stealing this much?


Environment notes about things like alarms 


Sometimes the coachdriver is found drinking in a pub and doesn't want to take percy anywhere


Ship docked where global variable, ships that will take you places and Noxmoor flatout holding your ship for a fee if you were caught pirating


Platue coal place you dock inside a massive cave




Transporting an aquarium bound creature


Ships lose fear when near allies


Rick O'shay


Guy on parkbench who needs you to buy materials for a factory idea then when you invest more he pays you back or you can rob him


Robbing places or helping places adjusts stock values slightly


Luring specific people into traps in the city forgangs body part music.


Yellow gold frame, deep orange red horizon, black land mountain


Shifting arena?


locked streets that require something special to gain access to


Street urchins near chimneys one pickpockets you and you can chase him down


Retiring guy who actually retires


Sinking dude in mud


Gibbet on mainstay that decays after being alive until there's just a crystal skull left after "yay" many days and it's gone in a few hours


Liquid electricity


White swirly dream fishing


Pirate on a box proselytizing against noxmoor heimsker style 


If luck>random(100) something gives Percy a chance to escape execution


Kickstarter exclusive ingame mission


Windmill house


Pushing down to make two guards shoot each other


Earl Tosh of Bruxingham


Single vine with leaves on the sides, God rays that shift in day, brambles


High wire tool?


Firefly lighting test (come out at night in evening)


Bo jangles assassin


Rope stretching chain jingle noises


Make a dude with a top hat facing outward with a special animation and loses his hat when shot as first assassination target


Attempt to make some of the pirates wear different hats and colored coats that can fall off - try ragdolls


Haggle with the Flennaghast fence about turning you in for a percent of the wanted money


Committable crimes global variables for reading at the hanging


In the first bar have three people discussing their ambitions, one who explains he wants to be a merchant, one who wants to buy a ship and be a pirate and one who has no ambition


Soul catching and a dude who tries to stop you in an open area after you catch a few


Make them earn enough to afford a train ticket out of noxmoor central right after being foreclosed 


A gang that meets near a lamp behind a building and if you interrupt them they make an excuse and run away, if you give them time and watch or go where they say and leave the messages there after reading them it develops into a larger and larger treasure hidden at a new location




A character known as the Enabler who wears a black rain cape and tophat that likes to tell people when other people will be in a vulnerable position to kill and tempts them and lies to them 


Par_enemy blind=0 deaf=0


Mustache dye advertisement


Maybe read paper on train


Peewee herman hat


A dude on a hunt and killing spree to get his secret back


An item that used to be owned by someone who challenged a person a long time ago and if it's found before fighting them it makes it much easier 


Some kind of philosopher or graduate that searches for an impossible theorem or something and you find him in all sorts of weird places after telling percy and if he doesn't die and makes it home he learns/teaches something riveting and thanks you profusely


If there is no wreck survivor, rarely there will be a wreck survivor from a ship you sunk menu style and he will get a survivor location and if he isn't dealt with in a day or two he tells the noxmoor empire 


Rarely a ghost pops out of the graveyard and taunts you and complains about you killing him (maybe a way to complete quests where important characters die?)


A band of pirates that harvest people to turn them into musical instruments


Someone gets tied to a post and when the tied gets high enough they drown


Cool stone pedestal in a dark empty room and something on it


Leafy seahorse


Machines built years ago because the key was made to last and the lock would break that assemble the second half of retrieving what was lost


You got your tophat handed to you


Accidentally electrocute a women's parasol


You have to kick a car to start it


In prison there's a man on the inside working for a faction that can help you escape if you're one of them.


Cave with puzzle pillars that you have to walk across in a certain order.


His eyes are perpetually wet with the tears of the damned


Fixable pipes with mallet

Loading and or unloading cargo

Distance meter

Cannonballs that break wood/pipes

Bell rings every change of watch


(Officers that remember you and drink at bars 0-stranger 1-talked to 

2-sailed with 3-Commanded) They can be hired for less if they like you.


Consider; {If you persuade the crew to mutiny they make you captain}


Lookout, Gunner, Engineer, Captain


Rare chance that pirates will attack you and ask you to join their crew, refuse and they throw you overboard, accept and you work your way back to Thieveston and get paid


If engine<15 Pirates_Distance +=0.1;

Cannon shot pirates_distance-=10; 

If pirates_distance>100 caught

Red flag you're thrown overboard





Good stealth is a clear indication of whether or not you are currently visible or invisible and a brief delay between when they glimpse you and actually detect you


Have a group of people throw someone bound and gagged into the water as soon as you dock at Thieveston or have him eaten by pirahnas 


The antagonists heart is ripped out in front of him at the beginning of the game somewhere and he uses a device or his hand to stay alive and states that he doesn't need a heart. 


An actual shady character that sells you items he hides under his cloak and restocks randomly or often or on particular days


Aquarium with achievement for catching all fishes called king of the pond


Someone that catches percy's bullet


The pirates keep track of the month by letting a mans beard grow and cutting it when it reaches a length


A tophat that controls the mind of anyone that wears it


The underwater area you dive into depends on the nearest port to you- or the forgotten fathoms. Hide a few special things like an octopus cave in one area


Brutal public killings that can turn to sword to sword combat if you try to intervene or save them


A high society terror legend based of the pettiest details like an unbuttoned collar being horrifying


Certain valuable items (piano) are crated up at the dock and can only be picked up on specific days, you can find out where the item is to be shipped from the seller on the dock or the receiver, a timer shows how soon you must get it there before the price is cut in half.


Percy can be slapped for being rude by women for -1 HP and +1 global record of getting slapped


Island defense turret minigame.


Opening your own factory that produces tophats (or something) allow them to use all the pipes they need for a price AND some required main parts like a furnace and boiler AND hiring people to work at your factory for a daily wage AND a crap ton of weird expensive liability and other fee paperwork -before finally hitting OPEN and seeing how well you can do- finally having other ships transport what you produce for a price that you decide. (The hard part is still time management to make things move when you aren't there)


Multiple types of laborers that can repair, open valves, carry boxes, ETC


Depending on how far you want to take this then work conditions could cause a riot or low pay may cause them to quit - (or have minimum wage)


Someone who becomes a pirate if you talk him into it




Nothing but a hat is found in the water and leads to someone


Dead Eye the pirate wears two patches and either is hyped up as a great shot or simply has dead eyes


Using machines and music to cover footsteps and other noises *distracted=1*


Apparition Apparatus


Long rope for monkey-bar-like climbing


You wake up with the soldiers around you who put you under arrest if you sleep in the wrong place.


Drugged into a crazy dream in a party where you wake up in bed at the end.


If you offer the thieveston shop keeper a drink all the prices randomly change that day


Populating an unexplored island and starting a colony by sending out ships to buy goods for you


The heart of a nightmare


Things must disappear between lightning strikes


Make a wish in the fountain


Make fun of the idea of banks and having all currency in one place.




A bustling town square where people run too-and-fro buying crumpets and tea at the tea houses a crumpetrees


Clamtrapping and clam baking


The syndicate offers a job to you to do something evil like blow up a grand opening of something and if you turn down the job somebody else takes the job and you can try to stop them.


Rich people pass inheritance and they have nothing left to do but make other peoples live worse for their amusement or to have strange hobbies from gardening to cult following- or making even more money or even trying to impact society after enjoying a royal party.


Attending a royal ball.


If you push someone into the furnace word will spread unless you push the entire crew, but if you do that then you'll be asked what happened to your crew


A ship with a strong magnetic force that pushes cannonballs away from it


A secret pirate club that won't let you in until your bounty is high


Trippin on a shrimp stand hallucifish


A storm front moves in that doesn't let up for days and something happens when it does


Pushing crew into the furnace for fuel! - Part of the availible techniques for sailing in Thieveston


Awesome looking archers


A pompus explorer who marches straight into the jungle and gets killed immediately. "I suggest we don't do that"


The way through the jungle is marked by rocks and the code through is given at the start


Taking a formula or eating something that gives you nightmares you can move in


A room suspended in darkness with the heart of a nightmare in the center.


As long as you have crew you have access to multiple benefits and you can talk to your quartermaster to do them. Like repairing your hull with the lumber and scrap metal you have.


If you spend too long in the rowboat a monster comes after you and if it devours you successfully then you are taking to the davyjonsish fellow who makes you do menial tasks or gives you a major task to take care of the next time you are above water and if you fail he kills you.


You can pick between a pirate quartermaster and an imperial quartermaster or a few other quartermasters who are apathetic


Giant squid that uses ink to escape


Massive secrets that authority keeps hidden from the public


Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey


Bottled Jellyfish lanterns


Naval quiz for completing naval school choosing a career as a pirate hunter and getting your first ship commissioned 


Surgeons wash


An island that only spawns when you find the map to it


Something BIG needs to happen that launches this string of events that occur.


Bartering terms and betrayal paying press gangers to recruit


Percys first (maybe second) Ship can be acquired in a number of ways: Bought, Acquired through a dishonest naval letter for being promoted. Stolen by pirates then murdering and buying votes to become elected captain OR losing the vote to another captain then murdering him for his position.


Show people how difficult it is to make a living as a pirate or privateer and then have them catch on to a much larger reward or item that promises great treasure that they will want to find for the idea of owning a bigger house and ship


Stranded on an island and must escape.


Sneaking up to a giant squid in a cave.


An island surrounded in messages in bottles each with a random message inside - kickstarter bonus


Boatman that requires something more than money to take you across the river


First sent after a skeleton crewed ship to test his will for Percy


Mooncrate can only be opened in the light of a crescent moon.


Right before execution for impersonating a nobleman it is proven you are truly royal and you can choose to kill the current king


Item or treasure that the villain gets to faster than percy and traps him in the treasure room.


Fort raid or something like that


Ship Upgrade station


54) Clockwork racing (gambling)



[END]: Day of Reckoning 




A good story will need a few steps




Introducing the main character, important plot devices and the current situation like world map and





A hidden tutorial teaches how to play with some basic on screen prompts for unbroken immersion






-Story Arc


Things usually get worse before they get better and you face some dark decisions




A definitive ending where the main character leaves a large footprint on the entire game that has impact on further games or gameplay




     Who knows?


If there is a second game or DLC you get to play as the antagonist and your HUD is black and white and red, you get to be the most evil person



 Ship that deflects cannon balls by sloped sides


Main Story): You are caught in a war between order and chaos, you may fight on either side until the end when you must choose to fight for the sky pirates or the crown.


You must find the sensei who makes you fight his kendo goons then trains you


./*********Sound Track*******\.


Try hammered dulcimer

Probably need violin/fiddle

Piano records and tavern songs

Foggy ambience, gentle on strings 



Story bits:

1) A pirate town you don't raise bounty in and random sword fights


2) A lady who can't afford the window tax and gets foreclosed unless you pay


3) Let's make some orphans


4) Haunted house where a poor man took a huge loan to make a creepy house and killed anyone who came inside to build the haunted reputation until one of his own traps killed him, the undertaker removed most of the traps and lives there now


5) Percy was trained by the navy and got his own ship then encountered pirates and lost the fight


6) Junk shoppe to buy useless things like tophat straps for an achievement in the end.


7) Map in a bottle that leads to an X that marks a spot that leads to a trap with Clee Shay the pirate.



- Steam Engine

- Textile Mill

- Iron Roller

- Blast Furnace

- Paper Roller



- Henry Lee Cray

- Posh Lady

- Posh Gentleman

- Watch selling creep

- Shopkeeper

- Night watcher

- Clee Shay

- Heavy Coat man

- Squiggly staff man




Alternative ways of Handling death:


Jail time. You lose a great number of days for getting put in jail "andor" you lose your money (and fame?)


On ocean: The pirates loot all of your money and goods and leave you with little to no fuel.


The navy takes your "ill gotten loot and cargo" then imprisons you.



\_________/Think of name\________/






Parliamentarian Pirates




Clockwork Pirates








Percibles Grand Adventure






So little time






Jib Spankers game




The Noxmoorian


The Dead man of Noxmoor


The fabulous bewildering and uncanny adventures of Sir Reginald Percible Williamson Pennington IV


Consider a pretentious release name like "Ambition" or "Forced" and solid black flag with a white design on it as a logo "The Call to Piracy"?


The most important things about naming are reflecting the content, easy to search, Say and spell, being original and standing out






Superstition mixed with truth


Locations: factories, islands, towns.


'•,________.•'Time Cycle'•._______.•'


Day Cycle = 360

 RT = 24 



Hour hand moves at x2 the pace

Minute hand moves at x24 the pace


30 FPS on land 30 = one second


Min = 0.24 per frame


Hour = 0.02 per frame


Min • 30 every sec = 7.2


Hour • 30 every sec = 0.6


50 sec = 1 hour----10 min = 12 hours


                  20 minutes per day!


45 down 30 over 60 between?




A purple squid or windup toy goes across the screen displaying the letters behind it and then the logo falls onto the screen making a clank when it reaches full size




Crushes the windup toy




Victorian Clambake pops up on screen with the logo then fades out and the game name fades in then out


)-(.        Retail        .)-(


You can stop piracy by offering a steam key to anyone who finds a pirated copy of the game when it's removed.


Make the trailer show you copying and pasting tons of the game to ship out.




            An impossibly challenging         

            secret door leading to an 

            Unforgiving and changing






Ps. Make the way in random so people can't post to forums


Credits ideas - red carpet rolls out for name


White words on black background start moving so fast it becomes a white background and black names go across it