About Victorian Clambake

Victorian Clambake. A developing and publishing name to bring together a community of people who love games, sailing and all things nautical. It allows me to create a brand and has the potential to grow beyond a one man team. It's still adapting and changing as I gain experience.

The Caribbean Sail. The first game released by Victorian Clambake to get experience in releasing and marketing a game and to start building a community.

The Future. More projects are planned after The Caribbean Sail development and release cycle have ended.

About the Captain

Ahoy! I'm Evan. An independent game developer.

May, 2015 When I was sixteen, I began working on a project with an unrealistic scope that would be filled with original ideas I'd never seen in a game. A large portion of the framework was completed by 2017. It's an extremely ambitious project that I now realize will need to have large portions taken off the design board or cut from it. For now it has been postponed until I finish developing The Caribbean Sail.

January, 2017 I set a goal to finally take my first project public. I decided to make a smaller game just to test features like saving and screen formatting before implementing them into my main project. I always thought it would be fun to play a nautical version of the Oregon Trail so I decided to make a very small game and test those features in it. In just two weeks the original version of The Caribbean Sail was completed. After showing it to my friends they said I should sell it publicly and learn about releasing and marketing a game.  

Right now. I'm working very hard to get my foot into the door of a flooded and competitive industry to make fun and functional games. I want to make this into my future so I can focus on the things I love doing, creating and giving people new experiences.

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-There isn't much more to say yet, Victorian Clambake is still young and there's a lot more work ahead of me. send an Email to if you have any questions.